Chef Greg Martin’s Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking to make a good impression this holiday with the food lover/wine enthusiast on your gift list? Well, I have a few gift ideas that range from the slightly extravagant to the simple stocking stuffer that will be sure to please.

  1. The beer and wine enthusiast:
    Shine craft vessel company’s Wander and Rumble’s stainless steel wine and beer growlers are beauties. Their simple and clean design speaks to my aesthetics.  Handmade in Richmond Virginia, each of these containers is numbered and best of all, 5% of the company’s profits are donated directly to the national sustainable agriculture coalition (NSAC).  These beautiful growlers are our choice at the restaurant, we sell them as our top-level growlers to go.
  2. The budding chef:
    I’ve been in love with stainless steel lined copper pots for a while now.  Combining the non-reactivity of stainless steel with the heat conductive properties of copper makes these the ideal cooking tools.  I try to pick up a new one with each visit to E. Dehllerin in Paris, but you dont’ have to travel that far for these French-made pots.  They can be found as close as Sur La Table, so start your budding chef off on the right foot with this saucier. 
  3. For the wine enthusiasts:
    At Bistro Menil we use beautiful stemless glasses for all of our wines except for our sparkling wine and champagne.  We love the simplicity and elegance of our hand-blown, Italian wine glasses but we reserve elegant champagne coupes for the sparkling stuff.  How better to up the sophistication quotient than with these leggy gems recalling the charm of the 1950’s?  At home I’ve become enamored with the Riedel Veritas coupes.
  4. For the healthy foodie:
    The essential tool for our zucchini salad,
    Precision Kitchenware’s combination julienne and vegetable peeler is the perfect stocking stuffer for the healthy foodie in your life.  Think quick and easy Thai green papaya salad or carb-free vegetable spaghetti for a favorite red sauce.
  5. For the alfresco dining enthusiast:
    I’ve taken
    JJ Cole’s picnic blankets with me just about everywhere and enjoyed their soft, yet water-resistant performance. With the addition of the Metro picnic basket, with its drawstring closure and a couple of melamine plates and acrylic glasses, you have the perfect kit to give that lucky recipient.  Throw in a nice bottle of wine and the kit is complete! Here’s hoping they will ask you along.

So this holiday, relax and remember that it is not all about the gift giving but about spending time with family and friends.  


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