Chef Greg Martin’s Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions


mothers day gift ideas twoMy mom is the best cook it know. She loves to host friends and family, showing how much she loves them with her great cooking. When I consider what to gift her on her special day I tend to find gifts that help with food preparation or entertaining since I know she will certainly use them.  So besides a Bistro Menil gift card, I have several possibilities in mind.  

Over the last year, I have found a couple of items that I have certainly enjoyed and know she will too, so i’m keeping them in mind for this Mother’s day.  If  your mother likes cooking and entertaining too, you might like to consider my tested suggestions.

  1.  Eva Solo Drip-free Salad Dressing Shaker
    Able to accommodate .25 liters (about 1 cup) of dressing, this beautiful and very practical dressing shaker makes preparing fresh dressing a breeze.  Simply pour your ingredients and secure the stopper to prevent any spill.  Shake vigorously to emulsify and you are set.  Open the top stopper to pour out, then recover and refrigerate the remaining dressing for later use.  I give this it five out of five stars, Mom will too., $45
  2. Amazon Echo
    Part personal assistant, music player/speaker, grocery list taker, light controller and cooking assistant, this little gem is listening to you, ready to help.  Think of it as a home based version of iPhone’s Siri.  It has great timer features so Mom can simply ask it out loud to set a timer, especially helpful when she has her hands full.  Forgot how many quarts make up a gallon?  Mom can simply ask and Echo will answer with a verbal response.
    I love the feature of verbally assembling a shopping list by simply dictating your needed items to “Alexa” (the device’s name) that is synced to a phone app.  beyond the kitchen, Alexa can read purchased books from Amazon aloud and provide verbal news and weather updates.  Having an Amazon Prime account opens up other features that are continually being updated., $179
  3. Royal VKB, French Carafe Set
    This lovely and functional carafe set is my ideal for sharing wine or a refreshing sip of water on the patio.  If Mom wants to host a few friends in her backyard, she can quickly create a bistro feel with this easy to carry set., approximately $59.99
  4. Color-Coded Cutting Mats
    Certainly not as pretty as my previous suggestions, yet Mom will certainly thank you when she doesn’t have to carry that heavy cutting board to the sink for cleanup.  I use the cutting mats over my cutting board at home and they are truly a work flow changer.  Bendable and easy to clean, these mats come in four version, one each for beef, poultry, vegetables and fish with a stay-in-place surface that prevent skidding.  The Container Store, $14.99 per set of four

No matter what you get Mom this Mother’s day, I’m sure just spending time with her will be her favorite gift.  Thanks!

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