Chef Greg Martin’s Three Key Ingredients for Perfect Sorbet

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Summer fruit sorbet is the perfect dessert when temperatures rise.  Although sorbet is easy to make, I’ve found that three key ingredients, in addition to fine fresh fruit, ensure a smooth texture with great flavor.   

The first two ingredients work on the sorbet texture and mouthfeel.  Trying to eat a sorbet that is icy and hard is just not good.  So how do you prevent some of that ice crystallization?    Here are two ingredients that I use simultaneously to solve that problem.  First, when blending the ingredients for a sorbet (typically a one quart volume), I add about 1/8 cup of light corn syrup.  I feel the viscosity of the syrup helps to maintain the sorbet a bit smoother once it is frozen.  You still get the hardness on freezing, but with a few minutes of being served, you will notice the sorbet retains a smoothness that you just don’t get without it.  Second, I also add two heaping tablespoons of vodka to the sorbet base to help prevent the formation of large ice crystals.  The lower freezing point and neutral taste of vodka do a really good job with that issue.

My third key ingredient for perfect sorbet is using pure cane syrup.  I know it is easy to take a cup of regular sugar or caster sugar with its finer texture and simply dissolve it in heated water for the sweetener to your sorbet.  But why not make it even easier and tastier by using quality ready made cane syrup you probably already have on hand for margaritas?

So try my three key ingredients and use some unexpected ingredients for your next sorbet to up the flavor.  This summer I plan on offering a few new combinations that have peaked my interest: blackberry/beet, strawberry/basil and a few made with wine.  Stay tuned.  


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