Fall Wine Menu at Bistro Menil

Fall/Winter Wine Selections

Chef Greg Martin Selecting Fall Wine Menu at Bistro MenilIt’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Might as well be me.

One of the best parts of transitioning into the fall season is being able to enjoy al fresco entertaining as temperatures and humidity begin to drop. What better way to enjoy the freedom than relaxing with a glass of wine — or two?

To provide a broad selection of quality and unique wines for our fall and winter wine menus, during the last couple of months I have been busy tasting and recording Bistro Menil’s choices, ready to fill our wine room and bar with my favorites for you to enjoy. These new selections will vastly reshape our “by the bottle” menus and featured wines sold by the quarter, half or full (bottle) carafe.

As cask wine has taken off throughout the country, even more quality wineries have made their wines available in the keg format, allowing Bistro Menil to bring in even better choices.


What’s looking good this upcoming season?

In anticipation of heartier dishes, we have located some tasty Bordeaux blends and interesting Italian reds including a stylish barbera we all fell in love with. They will complement our new Rhone valley and Spanish red choices along with the new pinot noir selections that are superb.

We have chosen really food-focused, old-world wines that match perfectly with our fall/winter menus as well as juicy, new-world choices that are very drinkable on their own. Our new world choices include a couple of Argentinian malbecs and a surprising Chilean cabernet sauvignon that has a definite hint of European style.

New Roses
Our rose selections include excellent choices from Bandol, Provence, a tasty pick from Bordeaux and a real stunner from Corsica. Along with a couple of our current favorites, they will provide customers with the opportunity to sample a wide swath of rose flavors and styles.

Our new selections include exceptional chardonnays and sauvignon blancs plus a couple of new sancerres and a delightful dry riesling.

Champagne and Sparkling Wines
During the summer, I became enamored with a couple of excellent and moderately priced cremants. Charles Baur’s cremant de Alsace (NV) was the star of the season and will continue to charm customers. I have added a couple of prestige champagnes. We love the easy drinkability of the cremants and a new grower champagne, but we also enjoy the glamour of large-house champagnes.

Cask Wines
Our cask wines see the most changes with our first New Zealand choice, a very tasty sauvignon blanc, a new pinot noir from California, along with an Argentinian malbec and a Washington state red blend.

I think we are all going to enjoy this fall and winter, one glass at a time.

À la prochaine!

Chef Greg Martin Bistro Menil

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