Chef Greg Martin

Reservation Policies

In order to provide the best possible experience and attend to all of our valued guests, we highly encourage reservations. We ask that all parties be present for seating. We are more than happy to hold reservations for up to 15 additional minutes.

Reservations for parties of up to 8 guests (adults and children) can be made by calling  Bistro Menil at 713-904-3537.


Reservations for Large Groups

To provide the highest level of service, parties of 9-10 guests may be accommodated with a non-refundable deposit of $150 at the time the reservation is made. The deposit will be applied to the check at the time of service. Please make your reservation by calling Bistro Menil at 713-904-3537.


Event Hosting

Parties consisting of more than 10 guests will be accommodated in Bistro Menil’s exclusive “Prive” dining room.  Please contact Chef Greg Marti at 713-904-3537 or at to learn more about how we can best offer a personalized experience for your event.  


We are happy to accommodate guests on our patio on a first come, first served basis.  Our host/hostess can clarify the availability of patio seating.


Check Policy

We will gladly split checks evenly among as many guests as desired; however, we regret that our system cannot provide individual, itemized checks.