Service at the Bistro

Craft beerAmericans have come to think of bistros as simply a restaurant. Some people expect dining out to mean white table cloths and a waiter standing at attention a few feet from their table, yet they really don’t want that. People dine out to enjoy the company of their dining companions: friends, family and loved ones. The last thing they want is someone hovering over them interrupting their good time.

At Bistro Menil, I want people to feel comfortable and at home.

Our servers are trained to be attentive but not overbearing. We serve your featured wine selection and then leave the carafe for you to pour more wine at your leisure without them interrupting your conversation. We try to give our customers the same experience that they would get in bistros in Paris where we visit yearly.  We loved the casual yet superior food enjoyed in simple, friendly bistros.

We have tried to bring a bit of that back to share with our customers.

À la prochaine!








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