Yes, Good Boxed Wine!

Greg_final vesion med sizeI’ve never had much luck with boxed wine. It certainly makes sense, wine stored in a larger format should be able to hold its flavor as long as oxidation is prevented. The only issue was that most reputable wine makes shunned the format, so the wine you bought in the box format was typically not from the best wine makers.

When visiting Paris last year I stumbled upon an upscale box wine shop called BiBoViNo adjacent to the Marche enfant rouge. I took a good look at their offerings and I was impressed with the samples I enjoyed from French producers.

Unfortunately I was unable to purchase a box as I was on my way to see some sights and carrying a box of wine was not going to be easy.  Fast forward a year and in the same shop, I was able to purchase wine from Bordeaux and it was excellent and kept fresh for days.

Check out their website and when in Paris, make sure to stop by their shop in the Marais.

À la prochaine!

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